Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reaching out

So much to say. Yet, nothing to say.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


SO, Sherlock has grown up to be a little punk. He is known for joyously jumping and licking and person who passes by- especially girls. Unfortunately, he also likes to pick up things and run, in the hope that we will chase him!
But, that is Sherlock. Then there is Vyomkesh. As in Vyomkesh Bakshi. As in Sherlock Holmes. Vyomkesh is our little rescued baby. He was ill treated by his previous owners to the point that neighbors complained and CUPA had to rescue him all the way from Manipal.
Vyomkesh is a year and half and thinks of himself as a ten year old. This of course, results in Sherlock jumping and licking and biting him all over while he tries to lie on his back and close his eyes.
Vyomkesh also prefers our bed to his own while Sherlock believes that the entire house is his to sleep around.
Here's a pic of the two punks-

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lenovo Laptop Heating Problem

IBMs were great. My 8 year old laptop is still being used by the receptionist. But Lenovos are a class on their own.

My Lenovo laptop was overheating and shutting down so much that I had to replace the fan. This helped for a day or two untill the problem started again. I would have been forced to buy a new (non Lenovo ) laptop but then I found an awesome solution!

Basically, even on power cable, put your laptop on 'maximum battery life' mode. This brings the core temp down to the 40s from 60s/70s. Any spike over 95/100 shuts off the laptop. But in this mode, the core temp never goes over 60/65c.

And you can increase the brightness using the keyboard; it doesn't affect the the temperature.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So, we got out Doggie! His name is Sherlock and he is 36 days old today. Oh, and he is the cutest of them all!!

He is my first dog EVER and I am realizing a lot of things that are fun when you have someone to take care of. It brings a joy that makes all the work rewarding. I can now see why so many women have no qualms about quitting their careers and other types of 'life' to pursue full time mothering.

It has been essential that we have a housekeeper at home all the time. Else, the little thing is SO tiny that we couldn't possibly leave him alone. Thank fully, our person is so enticed by Sherlock that he doesn't leave him even for a second- to the extent that he refuses to take a bath after we have left!

This is what we wanted and hoped for.

Right now, we have cordoned off an area in our room for him and also make a small sheltered bed. (He seems to prefer a sheltered area- he keeps crawling under our legs and going to sleep)

Also, he seems to have a humongous appetite! He keeps getting hungry every few hours! For a month old puppy he is pretty smart. He has already learnt its name and seems to also understand a bit of where he should "go".

All our friends are in love with him also. This was important for us as atleast initially we will be unable to leave him alone so will have to take him to atleast our close friend's parties.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Maoist & Corruption

We all think that the Chinese must be supplying arms to Maoists to create a disturbance in that area. That is true, but where do these people get the money to do buy the arms?

They are not associated to any religious organization (As is the case with the middles east supported Islamic fundamentalists). They don't have rich supporters from out of India (As was the case with the Canadian Sikhs supported Khalsa group). Nor do they have any democratic representative who supports their views.

So how do they get the money? Apparently and hypocritically, from the same places they have been protesting so much- Mines, dams etc. Any activity that goes on over here, has to have a commission for these people. And if not commission, they out rightly get multiple trucks full of materials for every truck that goes out. They sell this in the black market (Another reason why, at our level we should not support places such chor bazar)

Sure, a lot of their customers might not have an inkling that they are supporting terrorism. But I also wonder how many of those who are fighting these murderers know about tackling terror from multiple fronts, including monetary.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


So, at first, I thought of gifting him a dog as he such a dog lover. But, he was reluctant, for whatever reason. Trying to convince him, I got into getting one for myself more than him! I have researched all the pedigrees, their habits etc. Of course, what REALLY converted me into having a dog was this

I SO want a dog just so I can get/make that machine!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Fear and the lack of it

Repeated exposure to fear finishes the fear itself.

Years ago, I used to do adventure sports because the excitement of being able to overcome my fear was exhilarating. Now, I do them just 'cause they are fun. Last weekend's parasailing was calming and serene. Waving to the kids down below was like sitting in an airplane and waving. I didn't experience even an ounce of fear.

I guess this is what drives old people to keep looking for the next exciting thing to do. To generate that fear is now the goal not the abolition of it.

Monday, February 01, 2010

First Day

I feel like I have lost what little writing skill that I did possess. Oh well, maybe it will come back to me as blogging starts again (due to popular demand nagging).

This being the first day int he new place requires me to commemorate it in some way. I believe I am in love with this place. For one, I can't hear V's meetings in my cabin. Second, everyone in the company seems to be happy and excited about it.

I am getting writer's block; will write more later.

Friday, January 29, 2010


It's a good milestone to have. To move offices signifies that we are bigger than we were two years back but it also means a loss of a home.

It's the place we live in for most of our waking hours. It's where we create a family, hand picked at that. Each of them is smart and brings something unique to us as a unit. And now we are on to another place so we can add more intelligent people.

V and I have moved office locations twice and also opened a few branches earlier. I don't know why this one makes me feel at a loss. I don't even like this building!

Maybe it is because this place was a haven when I needed one. Or maybe I am just getting older. The old have a tougher time letting go of things than the young. It was exciting to move earlier. It meant sitting and planning the new design. Now, it's boring. Moving is being planned by someone else. The transportation is being arranged by another person. There is no work for me to do, except for the drudgery stuff of signing checks and clearing the local accounts.

Oh well, maybe when I am in the new place I will not want to leave it too.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Went paintballing after a long time. It was more fun than I remember, probably because of the fact that we were doing this on a bright and sunny day and with other amateurs rather than on a snowy and cold day with paintball veterans!

I did come out with three concentric bruises which will be my pride and glory for the next few days.

Might do it again next week.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Worth visiting once. It got me addicted! It's quite fun.
However, I couldn't figure out anything useful to ask it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Of them. Of me. And of time so inadequate.

Slow down! Slow Down!
They all tell me.
You have time. Loads of time.
They all tell me.
How do they know?
I have to ask.
Do I have a lakh of days
or just enough for a prayer?
How do they know?
Do they have enough?
Whether ten or a thousand?
How do they know?

I look at them,
by the road side,
sleeping on their mats
in the heat with no taps.
I swallow a tear
too embarrassed every time
as I pass on by in my ac car
knowing my time will come
in five years or so
when I can help their kind
and change their world
as much as I can

Now I wait
As I have waited since I was eight
The time is close now
Dream, I can now
Plan, I should not
lest it takes from the path.

Time is short and the wait is long
Only by finishing my first can I go to the next
Will it run out if I run faster?

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let the world be green

V's gift to me: Sony Reader!
(And yes, it does read like paper)

Thursday, April 23, 2009