Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lenovo Laptop Heating Problem

IBMs were great. My 8 year old laptop is still being used by the receptionist. But Lenovos are a class on their own.

My Lenovo laptop was overheating and shutting down so much that I had to replace the fan. This helped for a day or two untill the problem started again. I would have been forced to buy a new (non Lenovo ) laptop but then I found an awesome solution!

Basically, even on power cable, put your laptop on 'maximum battery life' mode. This brings the core temp down to the 40s from 60s/70s. Any spike over 95/100 shuts off the laptop. But in this mode, the core temp never goes over 60/65c.

And you can increase the brightness using the keyboard; it doesn't affect the the temperature.


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