Monday, June 07, 2010

Maoist & Corruption

We all think that the Chinese must be supplying arms to Maoists to create a disturbance in that area. That is true, but where do these people get the money to do buy the arms?

They are not associated to any religious organization (As is the case with the middles east supported Islamic fundamentalists). They don't have rich supporters from out of India (As was the case with the Canadian Sikhs supported Khalsa group). Nor do they have any democratic representative who supports their views.

So how do they get the money? Apparently and hypocritically, from the same places they have been protesting so much- Mines, dams etc. Any activity that goes on over here, has to have a commission for these people. And if not commission, they out rightly get multiple trucks full of materials for every truck that goes out. They sell this in the black market (Another reason why, at our level we should not support places such chor bazar)

Sure, a lot of their customers might not have an inkling that they are supporting terrorism. But I also wonder how many of those who are fighting these murderers know about tackling terror from multiple fronts, including monetary.


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