Tuesday, January 04, 2011


SO, Sherlock has grown up to be a little punk. He is known for joyously jumping and licking and person who passes by- especially girls. Unfortunately, he also likes to pick up things and run, in the hope that we will chase him!
But, that is Sherlock. Then there is Vyomkesh. As in Vyomkesh Bakshi. As in Sherlock Holmes. Vyomkesh is our little rescued baby. He was ill treated by his previous owners to the point that neighbors complained and CUPA had to rescue him all the way from Manipal.
Vyomkesh is a year and half and thinks of himself as a ten year old. This of course, results in Sherlock jumping and licking and biting him all over while he tries to lie on his back and close his eyes.
Vyomkesh also prefers our bed to his own while Sherlock believes that the entire house is his to sleep around.
Here's a pic of the two punks-